Care Bears Planner Stickers

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If your planner, diary or organizer, seems too gloomy to you, you can give it a boost with these pretty planner stickers, which will cheer you up and will improve your day! This planner sticker set includes one sheet, over forty stickers. They are designed specifically to fit The Happy Planner's classic planner but will work for so many things. School lunch notes, letters, other calendars and more.

What you will obtain:
You will receive a box with whichever sticker kit you order. 

Undefined: One sticker sheet about 4.5 x 7.5 inches printed on matte paper so it           is easily written on  with most any tool.  

The Happy Planner: 

       Classic - Two sticker sheets the same as described above. Made to fit the              classic size Happy Planner, but will work with many planner types. 

       Big -  Three sticker sheets the same as described above.  Made to fit the big          happy planner, but will work with many planner types. (Please note the Happy        Planner has two large size planners the big planner and the snap planner                designed for instant cameras.) 

How you can use them:
You can use them to stick on anything you like. Use them as stickers on planners, scrapbooks, diaries, letters, and more. They are for your personal use.

Please allow for color variations due to the different monitor setting of each computer, paper, toner or settings. Unfortunately, I cannot control this.